Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ribbon Mess and Thoughts on Spending

I have been trying so hard to get organized. I really think getting organized is a great way to also save money. Why? It takes so much time first of all. But, it makes me realize how much I have and then I stop and think of how much I spent to get it. And then that makes me think about all the time it took me to buy it and who doesn't want more time...... And then I think- now I am spending time organizing it. And last, I wonder do I need more storage boxes to store this stuff? So, I am back to spending more money and wasting more time. It is a crazy cycle. Think about it. I admit, I am the worst and a bit of a craft hoarder.

So, just thoughts as I organize all this ribbon from this to this.....
I love football so I started this project last weekend during the two play off games. (Go Packers!) I am now done and I love it. I made it my goal to organize something everyday during the week. I have tackled my girls dresser, several cabinets in my kitchen, this ribbon project, and currently I am working on my stamp area. Wish me luck! Have a fabulous day.

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